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Islam is the greatest supporter of educationfor all human being. It emphasize to educate all individuals either men or women. The first revelation (Wahi) came from Allah giving message to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was “IQRA”. This is the most authentic proof to learn education in the eyes of Islam. Since its commencement, Islam has always been highlighting the importance of education. The main objection of education to recognize our Allah. No book on earth is better than the Quran to be aware of Allah. Consequently, all Muslims brothers and sisters need to learn Quaran besides learning all other arts and education. We offer facility to learn Quran free of cost in local towns. We have strong network that help kids, adult and female for learning Qurnan. We teach Quran. In fact it is consecration of Almighty Allah on us that this honorable duty is being served by us. We offer to teach Noorani Qaida, Naazra Quran, Hifz Quran and other day to day Deeni Masail.

The learning method is incredibly designed in fast track mode. Now you can learn the Holy Quran in 3 months only. Quarn learning facility at your home and as per your desired schedule is also possible.
No need to send your children out of the home.
All students will individually be given attention. No shared class concept.
The above facilities are available for all European countries, UK, USA and the rest of the world.
For learning Quran online, you would just require an Internet connection and a mobile or laptop on following timings.
You just need a Headphone, Internet and a Computer / Mobile to learn
24/7 availability. Uninterruptable interment connectivity along with electricity backup.
Quality Control Department. Monthly students test for Quality assurance
Quality Assurance Department that will help parents to gauge students’ performance on monthly basis.
Highly professional and well-trained teachers including Hafiz-e-Quaranand Alim e deen.

One week free trial:

Registration on the basis of “One Week Free Trial” can be opted by just filling the following registration form. (Please click for registration). After taking 7 days free classes you would be able to examine if to remain associated with our online academy or not. In case of dissatisfaction, no payment shall be charged to you.

Teaching Procedure:
Our online Quran teaching procedure is much comfortable. No software or program is required to go on path. Your Skype ID is to be integrated with our Skype ID Quranplatform. You may contact us at your convenience and each day online upon your desired timing. Teacher will be teaching online using above Skype ID and will use Skype Screen Sharing option along with using Headphone Mic. for better results. For further explanation, the tutor will also use any drawing tools.

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