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Quran and Arabic Learning Courses

Reading of Quran with Tajweed for beginners and Fundamental Islamic Values:
The following designed course is fundamental course that will help students to learn how to read Holy Quran with the appropriate rules of Tajweed. In this course, the students would be trained to identify the Arabic alphabets. Upon completion of this course, students would easily able to recite the Holy Quran with proper rules of Tajweed. In this course, every student will individually be given proper attention of the teacher. The main objective of this course is to make able students how to recite the Holy Quran with correct rules of Tajweed.

Memorization of Quran and Learning Tafseer:

To memorize the Quran is predestined to remember or learn it by heart. In the era of Prophet (PBUH), inscription was very unusual mode of storage matters and used to be considered very awkward, hence, remembering by hear and verbal communication used to be considered the most operative and doable ways of protective information. Quran learning course is planned for the individuals who wish to remember the Holy Quran by heart online.

Translation of Quran:

The following course is specifically prescribed for the individuals who have already learnt Quran but they don’t know the translation of it. However, if you are not aware of how to read the Quran than you are advised first to get admitted yourself in Quran reading along with Tajweed Classes prior to go for Quran Translation class.Hence, the most captivating feature of the certification is the translation of the Holy Quran which enables students to understand the Holy Quran in the same manners elaborated by Allah SWT. This procedure of teaching has been developed by numerous renowned Islamic intellectuals who have already made capable to their students with this irreplaceable paragon.

Course of Tajweed and Tarteel:
The meaning of Tarteel is “Recitation.” The Mafhoom in Arabic for “Tarteel” is slow, sedate rhythmic tenors”. The term of Tarteel is used to explain the instructions and procedures that elaborate the method of recitation of the Holy Quran in the mode the Angel Jibreel to Prophet (PBUH). The term of Tajweed is meant by “Refining” or try to make anything enhanced. Tajweed is considered to make embellishing the recitation of the Holy Quran comparative of reciting slower way of Tarteel. At the time of praying, we focus on reciting with Tarteel instead of Tajweed. At the time of recitation of Holy Quran with Tajweed, rules of Tarteel are followed.

Dua, Namaz and remembering by heart of SURAs”
The individuals would be able to learn the fundamentals of Islamic Education with the learning of Quran classes for example DUAS, Namaz, 6 Kalimas etc. The following course is specifically designed for kids and as well as for those personnel who are willing to raise first step toward learning of Quran.

Arabic Learning Course:

The above course is designed for those individuals who wish to learn Arabic language. The individuals will be benefitted with this course in the manner of learning of fundamentals of Arabic and would be able to make some regular sentences of Arabic. You may register yourself to click for 3 days unconditional free trial.
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